A Baby in a Manger

So, here we are about a week before Christmas, and I am wondering how it’s all going to come together. Right this minute, both my older son and I are sick, I still have to shop, my inlaws are coming to visit tomorrow and the house needs to be cleaned, and the only thing I really want to do is sleep! We have been busy with Christmas activities, and for all my plans to spend time each day focusing on the birth of Jesus, those times seem to have been hit or miss thus far….and I am disappointed with myself.

Today, I was sitting in my comfy chair, trying to NOT breathe through my mouth and read my Bible, and I found myself staring at our nativity scene. Ours isn’t anything fancy, just a typical scene my hubby and I bought from Walmart the year we got married. It is currently set up with Mary, Joseph, the wise men, the shepherd and the animals awaiting Baby Jesus to be placed in position.

When I look at it I wonder, what was Mary thinking at that time? A young girl, having her first baby, was she afraid?? Worried? Angry with Joseph for not finding them a room? Did people wonder, when they saw the wise men wandering through town, what could have brought such exotic people to a small stable in their town? He’s just a baby!! What makes him so special??

Of course, now, we have the benefit of knowing the answer to that question. That baby was our awesome and Holy Lord. The man who would bring salvation to all mankind. The man who allows hope into even our darkest of days. This week, we have seen a lot of darkness, and it is easy to wonder where is the hope in our world right now? I believe that when horrific tragedies occur, there are no answers to some of the questions we consider most important, and maybe looking for hope in the situtation itself is not the right approach. Our hope is where it has always been, in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is through Him that our sins are forgiven, through Him that we know that death is not the end for us, through Him that can know that those we love who have left us are free from pain, sickness, sadness.

The baby in the manger represents HOPE for all of us. Hope that even when we fail, we can start again the next day. Even if this Christmas does not turn out the way I thought it would, I can rest in the knowledge that there is still hope for me, as there is for all of us.

I pray that all of you will find hope in Jesus this Christmas season!

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