It’s the simple things…

Here I am, still basking in the post-Christmas glow. We still have family in town, stuff to clean up, and laundry to do. But I don’t care. Right now I just feel….content…full…happy. Our Christmas this year was smaller than usual. My kids each had one thing on their list they really wanted, and they got that, and a couple of boardgames and books besides. I got my crock pot and apple peeler/corer, and my hubby got his socks and underwear and something else besides 🙂 . But, it wasn’t like it usually is. We couldn’t do the “extras” this year…and that made me a little anxious. But you know what?? It was still wonderful!!

We had a couple of really good dinners with family. We hung out and watched movies and played board games. We talked and laughed, and got up really early to open presents on Christmas day since my hubby had to work. We read the Christmas story and watched movies and listened to Christmas songs. My oldest son and my uncle played guitar together. The weather was great, and we sat outside by the fire. My cousin, (who is in the navy and has been out of the country for 5 years) was here! We had guests all month and will continue to have them until the end of the new year. I have been cooking and cleaning for weeks, but it’s okay, because I have lots of help.

This wasn’t necessarily that “Christmas card holiday” I pictured, but it was beautiful. I was relaxed and happy, and so was everyone else. There wasn’t a lot of tension and stress. We just enjoyed each other, and that made it perfect! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!


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