Organizing my homeschool!

Okay, so we have been homeschooling for almost four years now, and one of my goals has always been to get more organized!! I am NOT an organized person by nature! I am a planner, but I tend to leave “piles” of things here and there…granted, I know what all of my piles contain, but usually no one else does, and that’s the problem!! So, this year, with some help from the TOS Homeschool Planners, I am getting there!!

One of the things I determined to do last year was menu plan!! I felt like I was always scrambling at dinner time, trying to figure out what we were going to eat! So, this year, I sit down every two weeks with my recipe books and figure out what is for dinner each night. I use this nifty “Week at a glance” page, to plan my menus, as well as list other homeschool and household activities for each day. This goes at the front of my homeschool binder, so I can easily see what is going on each day!

Another challenge for me was keeping track of all of the various activities we have going on every week!! My kids have stuff, I have stuff, my hubby has stuff!! It is very easy to get overscheduled fast!! Using my printable planner pages, I print out a monthly calendar. I write down all of the stuff we have going on each month, and I color-code each item with a highlighter! I have a color for reviews, a color for kids events, a color for my own events, and a color for things related to me and my hubby! This makes it very easy for me to look at my monthly calendar and know instantly what is going on each day. This has been a HUGE help in keeping me on task (have I mentioned that I am easily distracted! πŸ™‚ )

I have also realized that my kids work better with their own schedule too! In the past, I have had a somewhat written schedule for each week of our school. However, I just told my kids what they were supposed to do each day. This year, with one child entering high school and my other one in 6th grade, I wanted them to take on some more responsiblity. So, using the scheduling pages from the TOS planners, I started creating weekly schedules for my kids. This was hard for me at first, as I tend to get behind on the weekends, and then fly by the seat of my pants during the week. But, once I started working on it regularly, it wasn’t that hard. Basically, I take an hour during the weekend to review what we did the previous week and make a “plan” for each subject for the next week. Then, I type this into my kids pages for the week and print it out and put it in their binders. Keep in mind, this is just a “sketch” for the week. Things come up, and we don’t always get to everything. That’s no big deal, I just make a note in pencil in their planners, and we pick up the following week whenever we need to. The thing is, with these plans, my kids can grab their stuff and get right to work. If I have to do something during the week, they already know what they need to accomplish!! This has made it very easy for my hubby to fill in for me on a day when something comes up!

Organizing things hasn’t been easy for me, because I am not an organized person by nature. However, it has made our days run much more smoothly, and for that I am thankful!! How do you organize things in your homeschool? Leave me a comment and let me know!


11 thoughts on “Organizing my homeschool!

  1. Love your ideas! I have started using homeschoolskedtrack I love that it computer based and it remembers work we don’t do. My husband wanted me to find something that reduced our printing and it works well for us!
    I love the idea of adding more than just schoolwork!

  2. Looks and sounds like you have become quite organized. That is great. I know it always helps me to be organized, though I don’t think I’m perfect at it yet. πŸ™‚

    My two children are in high school, and for years hubby and I agree on what is expected of them for the school year, we print it out, similar to yours. We take them out to a back to school breakfast or lunch and go over their schedules and what we expect of them. Then I put everything in their grade books at the end of each day. πŸ™‚

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