1000 Words

My oldest son has a very artistic bent. He plays guitar really, really well. He’s the kind of person who can listen to a song on the radio and teach himself to play it! He also has had an interest in photography for quite a while. Last year, at our homeschool group, he took a photography class and really enjoyed it. He is currently saving money to buy himself a better camera, but for now he is taking pictures with one of our older ones. He plans to enter some upcoming local contests. These are some of his more recent photos.

The big tree in our front yard:

A flower, close up:

Another flower:

The water near a friends house:

And this is one of my personal favorites:

I am proud of the passion with which my son pursues his interests. I don’t know what plan the Lord has for his life, but God has certainly blessed him with many talents, and it is my hope my son will be able to use them to bring glory to His name!

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