TOS Review: A Journey Through Learning

A Journey Through Learning
is a lapbooking company started by two homeschooling moms (with some encouragement from their husbands!). Paula and Nancy had a desire to create quality hands-on materials for kids to use. What started with one unit study has grown into a company that offers multiple lapbooks and unit studies for homeschoolers. For this review, we received access to four lapbooks. My 6th grade son and I completed the Knights and Castles lapbook and we did some activities from the Astronomy and Space unit study.

We choose to begin with the Knights and Castles lapbook because we could work it into our history studies. The lapbook contains ten short lessons, with reading and activities. Lessons range from information about how to become and knight and a knights armor, to lessons about life in a castle and religion in the Middle Ages. We enjoyed the short reading portions (usually 1-2 pages) that allowed us to further explore the topics with library books or the internet. The actual lapbook activities were easy to complete and my son did most of them on his own.

We received the Knights and Castles download, which costs $13.00 (you can also purchase  a CD version for $14.00 or a print version for $21.00). I did have to print the activities, but I do not feel they put a drain on my ink cartridge. I chose to read the written material on the laptop with my son and print only the hands-on materials for him. You can use cardstock when printing these, but we just used regular paper. Each week, we completed about three of the activities, which is 1-2 lessons, and we finished the lapbook in a month. As I mentioned before, we did add in other books and online resources, and the lapbook comes with some ideas and activities you can use with those as well, including narration forms, book report forms, and note-taking forms.

My son is very into knights, so this was a fun study for us. He enjoyed creating his lapbook and was very proud of himself when he put it all together.

Our finished product looked like this:

Folder 2:

Folder 3:

This lapbook gets two thumbs up from both my son and I. I think you could easily add even more books and movies into it if you wanted to make it a longer study! The other Journey Through Learning product we took a look at was the Astronomy and Space unit study.

This unit study begins with a lesson on creation, then moves into the solar system, constellations, space travel, galaxies and the planets. There are 27 lessons total. Again, this is something you could use a base for your science, and add in additional books, websites, field trips and other learning activities. We have only gotten a few lessons into this so far, but we are enjoying it. The cost of the download for Astronomy and Space is $13.00, the CD is $14.00, and a print copy is $21.00.

A Journey Through Learning offered two other lapbooks for Crew members to sample. The Letters, Numbers, and Shapes lapbook is intended for preschoolers, and the Earth lapbook is for grades 1-4. To find out more about all of these products, including samples, check out the Journey Through Learning website here:

To see what other crew members had to say about the products they tried, click here:

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