Where’s George?

After a recent trip to the store, my son and I stumbled across an awesome learning tool! You may have heard of it before, but I am going to share it for those of you that have not. The Where’s George website tracks the travels of dollar bills as they move through the country. The sight was developed by Hank Eskin. If you receive a dollar bill with a red stamp that says “Where’s George?” on it, you can go to the site and enter the serial number. Once you do, you can view a tracking report for that bill, which will show all the locations it has been that people have registered. To register your turn with the bill, you simply enter your zip code!! Here is a link to a sample tracking report: http://www.wheresgeorge.com/report.php?key=18cb84597b7b64edeb734317cea9bf6b88f9e9db85dbe7b0

Both of my sons thought this was really cool! We were able to see where our dollar bill had gone. It had traveled throughout the state of Florida so far!! This got me thinking about all the ways a site like this could be used for homeschool. Obviously, you could use it for math to calculate distance and rate of travel. You could also use it for geography, and study the places the dollar has been. Then there’s history, where did the dollar bill come from anyway?

The Where’s George website also has top 10 lists of the top bills, states, zipcodes, and even banks that the bills come from. There is even a look to the Where’s Willy website that you can use to track Canadian currency! I think this site is definitely worth a look for any homeschooler looking for a cool project. My kids are now anxiously awaiting the next time we get a bill stamped “Where’s George?”


4 thoughts on “Where’s George?

  1. I see a lot of these (I live about 2 hours from NYC) and I’ve always wanted to go online and check it out. Unfortunately, I never remember to do that until I’m handing it over to someone else!

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