Our Year in Review

This is our last week of school for this year. The past two weeks have been pretty crazy around here and I have to say, I am exhausted and looking forward to summer. These are some of my observations when reflecting on this year.

First, we made it through my oldest son’s first year of high school! 🙂 I was really nervous about starting high school with him, but for the most part, it went really well. He finished most of his curriculum, and enjoyed most of his courses. Some things I know for next year are, he doesn’t like computer based math. Unfortunately, upper level math isn’t really my thing, so I tried a computer based program this year. The program itself was really good, but it’s just NOT his style of learning. So, for next year, I am going to look for a textbook based program that offers video support. The downside to this is the fact that these programs are rather pricy, so I am going to have to get creative with my budget!

MFW High School rocks! We did Ancients this year, and I am amazed at what my son learned. Yes, this program is pricy as well, but totally worth it. Plus, almost everything in the program can be reused by my younger son when he gets to high school, so in the end, the cost will even out. The workload is pretty intense, and my son did struggle with that a bit. I have realized that I need to stay more on top of him in this area.

Sigh…Spanish did not go so well for us, so I will be searching for some type of computer program for that next year. The photography class my son took at homeschool group was awesome, and they may offer chemistry next year, which is exciting! (I am not a huge science person either 😉 ) I still have to take some time to do his transcript for this year, and enter his final grades, but I will get to that this summer. Overall, homeschooling high school is easier than I thought it would be.

For my younger son, things went really well this year. I loved using Mystery of History with Illuminations this year. We didn’t get through the whole book, but we will just finish up the fourth quarter at the beginning of next year. The Apologia worldview book we used was incredible. I am looking forward to finishing with the fourth book in the series next year. CLE Math is always a hit at our house, and Mosdos reading worked well again this year too. The only holes I really need to fill for him next year are writing and grammar. I have yet to find something that really works for my struggling writer. So, I will be perusing those programs over the summer. I also need to find something for spelling and vocabulary, something else he definitely needs work on. I think we are going to do some writing over the summer. I also need to figure out our science for next year.

We took some great field trips this year, and read a lot of good books. We took vacations for family visits, and also a few health issues that came up, and our year was a little disjointed. However, I think we all learned a lot, and I am most proud of how my kids have grown closer to God through all of our experiences. Our summer break will last until August, and we have quite a few things planned for the summer. I hope those of you who are wrapping up the year have an excellent vacation. If you have any curriculum suggestions for me, leave me a comment!


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