Ah sweet friends! I write today from a very full heart. If you have been reading my blog you know that my husband has been struggling with health issues for these past few months. He was sent to the hospital from work back in May because he was having chest pain. The original diagnosis we were given was something called pulmonary hypertension. This is a scary and almost always deadly disease. After much research on the internet and discussion with doctors, all we felt was more fear.

I am a believer, and I know that God is in control of all things. But it is so hard when you are looking at your children and thinking about what you will do if their father is no longer there. After a lot of talk, we decided to seek a second opinion from an expert. My husband was experiencing daily chest pain and shortness of breath. A firefighter and athlete, he was becoming more and more frustrated by his inability to do the things he was used to doing. So, he made an appointment at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville.

At this point, I had decided to put this matter fully into the hands of the Lord. As hard as it was, every time worry would start to creep up in my head I would pray about it and give it to God. I trusted He would take care of it. During this time, especially during our vacation, I felt this overwhelming sense of peace. Like somehow, even in the face of all this opposition, everything was just going to be okay.

So, after his visit with the doctor, we were told he was misdiagnosed!! He does NOT have pulmonary hypertension. Instead, the doctor told him that his level of athleticism and his workouts had built up the muscle wall on the left side of his heart to the point that his heart had to work harder to pump blood. Imagine that…I guess there is such a thing as too much exercise. Talk about a miracle. After being told by numerous doctors that pulmonary hypertension was THE problem, and almost resigning ourselves to that fact, God moves and turns the situation completely upside down.

Now, there are still some matters to address. The doctor thinks my hubby’s chest pain may be asthma related. During the course of his job he has been exposed to all kinds of smoke and chemicals, which could have caused some damage to his lungs. He recommended that we follow up with a lung doctor here and perhaps try some medication for that. He also recommended a sleep study because he thinks that sleep apnea may be responsible for my hubby’s exhaustion.

So, what a difference a week makes. I am convinced that this is just another example of how God moves in our lives. These last few months have been difficult, but they have spurred a lot of discussion between my husband and I about what is truly important and what things we absolutely want to focus on in this life. There are things we have been wanting to do but have kept putting off because, well, life is busy and money is short. But here’s the thing, we are never guaranteed tomorrow and if you keep putting things off you may never get a chance to do them. So, we are now refocusing our priorities yet again, and actively working on accomplishing some of those goals we have been putting off.

I want to thank all of you who have been praying through this with me. Your support means more than you know. Our life is not easy by any means. We still don’t have enough money to go around….and with these doctors visits we are only going to owe more money (wrestling with our insurance company is a whole other topic I could blog about), but really, in light of what could have been, that’s okay. I know that we will get by. God will make sure that we have enough to put food on the table and keep a roof over our heads, and as long as we are all together, then that is really all we need.

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