TOS Review: Bible Study Guide For All Ages

I love finding new ways to engage my kids in learning about the bible. For this review, I got try some products from Bible Study Guide For All Ages. I have looked at this curriculum several times over the course of our homeschooling, and I am really glad to have finally gotten to check it out.

The first product we tried were the Advanced Level Student Pages. Both my son and I liked these a lot. The target age for this part of the curriculum is 5th and 6th grade students. My son is going into the 7th grade, but they were still appropriate for him. Our student pages were for the first 26 lessons of the curriculum and included lessons on the book of Genesis as well as the book of Daniel.

Each page is tied to a specific passage of the Bible and is divided into sections. The first section, “Remember it?” consists of a few questions that recall parts of the story. Some of the questions are fill in the blank, some are true and false or multiple choice. The Memory Workout portion ties into the Bible Book Summary Cards, which I will talk about in a minute. This portion also encourages kids to learn songs, retell Bible stories using pictures, and memorize books of the Bible. In the “Guess What” section you learn an interesting historical fact related to the Bible story. The Map section was one of my favorite portions of the lesson. The map is printed right on the page, and clear directions are given for labeling. We used our Bible Map and History book to fill it, and it was neat for my son to get an idea of the physical places these events occurred.

Some lessons include time line sections. Again, the time line is printed right on the student page, making it really convenient. Students fill in the events right on the page. Get Active allows you and your kids to do an activity that reinforces the lesson. For example, in one activity students are blindfolded and told to find their way around the room without touching anything. Then they are allowed to find their way around the room following cues given by the parent. The point is to illustrate that faith should be placed in those that are trustworthy.

The Discover section was probably my son’s favorite part of the lesson. It includes an illustrated representation of the lesson and has students do activities like labeling, answering questions, and solving word puzzles. This was a lot of fun for him, but he was still actively working with the Bible story and I think it really helped him remember the story.

Advanced Level Student Pages are sold in packs of about 26 lessons each and cost $5.95 each. I think this is very reasonable, and the nice thing is, you can coordinate these with the other student pages, and use this curriculum with all of your elementary age kids!

The second product we got to try were the Bible Books Summary Cards. These are great just on their own, but they are also used for the Memory portion of the student pages. The 8X10 full color cards are visually appealing. On the front, they feature illustrations that depict key stories from that book. On the back of the card there is a summary of the book as well as questions about the book.

These cards are a great way to teach your kids about the Bible. You could hang them in the room for a visual display, or use them as flashcards. You can also purchase these as 11X14 posters that come in black and white and can be colored by your kids. The full set of 66 cards costs $24.95, and these can definitely be used for years to come. I am considering laminating them so they will last even longer.

We really enjoyed these products from Bible Study Guide For All Ages. I would strongly encourage you to visit their website and look at what they have to offer. To see what other members of the crew had to say about these and the other products we got to check out, click here:


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