Starting the Year Off Right

It’s that time again…we are getting back to school! I have to say, I am partially relieved that we will be returning to a normal schedule. Summer is fun, but after a while the disorder kind of gets to me. However, I am also a little worried because I am not quite ready to start yet. It’s okay though, I plan to get that all worked out soon.

Our topic for this week’s blog cruise is “Back to Homeschool Traditions”. We do have some special things we do each year to get out school year started. We live on the East coast of Florida close to the beach. Each year, our homeschool group has a “Beach Breakfast Kickoff” to celebrate the start of the new year. Basically all the members of the group get together at the beach in the morning and brings a dish to share. After we eat all the families hang out and have a good time catching up with each other. The celebration is held on the first day of the official school year for public school students in our county. Even though we have some year-round homeschoolers in our group, they still come to the breakfast just for fun. My kids look forward to this every year as a chance to see their friends after our summer break and have fun on the beach.

Now, we don’t always start our personal school year on this day. Usually we start about two weeks after that. So, on the first day of our school year at home me, my kids, and my husband (if he is off work) go to a favorite local restaurant for breakfast. Our first day is usually an introduction to all of the things my kids will be doing during the year, so it’s pretty relaxed. My kids also look forward to going to breakfast every year, and we have a tradition of going out to the same place on the last day of every school year as well.

I love creating our own special traditions for our family. It’s just another part of why we homeschool. Do you have any traditions to start your school year? Let me know in the comments and check out what my other Crew members had to say here:



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