TOS Review: PeopleKeys

I have always had an interest in learning styles and personality. I truly believe there is a connection between the two. I also just really enjoy the science of studying personality traits. A long time ago I took one of those DISC assessments on Facebook and I have to say, it was dead on in describing me. PeopleKeys makes all kinds of products related to behavioral and personality assessments. For this review, I got to use their Children’s Profile with my 7th grade son.

The Children’s Profile is for use with kids ages 9-13. It is a small workbook that has a short version of the DISC profile aimed at kids. Following the profile is some general information about personality styles and then specific information about each style and suggestions for how to work with a child of each type. The assessment itself is simple and only took my son about ten minutes.

It is set up in a grid, with a descriptive lead in at the beginning of each row (like “I think rules….” and “Others see me as…”). The child reads the lead and then completes the sentence by circling one of four possible answers. Each answer represents one of the personality types. My son was able to complete this by himself. He did have one or two questions where he felt like he could choose two answers, but I told him to pick the one he felt most described him. I think that any child in the appropriate age range could easily do this portion.

After the quiz, kids complete a graph that helps them determine their style. This is easy to do as well, all they have to do is circle the box that represents the correct number of answers from each column. From there, kids figure out what style they are. My son fell into the “ID” categories. (Which means Influencing and Determined)

The rest of the workbook can be read by both the child and the parents. There are pages describing each of the four styles (Determined, Influencing, Steadfast, Conscientious). One page asks kids to identify other people they may know (in real life or from books or television) that represent each style. There are tips for kids about how to interact with other personality styles, as well as tips for parents on how to communicate and interact with each style.

After reading through the information, I thought the Children’s Profile assessment was very accurate in describing my son. The practical information in the workbook provided some good information for parents, although I will say that a lot of it felt like common sense to me (like giving my “D” child time for physical activity). However, there are some suggestions that made sense, and that I hadn’t given much thought to before. My son enjoyed reading about the personality types and thinking about matching people to each one, but I’m not sure he really gave a lot of thought to the rest of the information. However, as a 7th grade boy, this didn’t surprise me.

On the whole, I thought this was a neat little activity. The Children’s Profile only costs $15.00, and I think that’s a very fair price. I could see using this to get more information about your child and how they learn, so you can use that to help customize instruction for your homeschool. However, I think the average parent already knows a lot about their child and there won’t be a lot in this assessment that will surprise you. If you do have an interest in personality styles, you will probably like this. However, if you feel pretty secure in your knowledge of your child, then you probably don’t need it.


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