Booklovers Anonymous: Zathura

Chris Van Allsburg is probably one of my favorite children’s authors of all time. He weaves incredibly exciting stories (several of which have been turned into movies!) and sketches the most amazing illustrations. You will likely see me write about several of his books in this series! Today I want to focus on another book that is one of my boys favorites: Zathura.

This book was turned into a movie quite a few years ago. My cousin purchased this book for my sons when they were toddlers, and it was always one of their favorites. In the story, brothers Walter and Danny stumble upon the box for the game Jumanji while playing outside (yes, Van Allsburg wrote that book too, and the two tie in together). However, when they take it home, they discover ANOTHER game stuck in the box. Danny, the youngest brother, decides to play the game (Zathura) instead, and much like Jumanji, the events in the game start to happen in real life.


Inside Zathura

On this adventure, the boys venture into outer space and battle gravity, aliens, robots, and black holes. Through the story, the brothers learn how to work together in order to return home to Earth. Van Allsburg is able to perfectly capture the relationship between a boy and his little brother (at least, much like it is at my house 🙂 ) and the story is full of adventure and humor! I would really recommend any of Van Allsburgs books, and because of their depth, the work for little and big kids. In fact, next week I will be sharing one of my favorite Van Allsburg books that I used in my middle school classroom as a tool for creative writing! (and I still use it in our homeschool for the same purpose) Make sure to check back next week to read about that book. If you know anyone who might be interested in hearing more about books, feel free to share this post. And if you have a comment about this book or another of your favorites, I’d love to hear from you!

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