Faith: Our Word For 2014

For our first crew round up of 2014 the topic is “Word for the Year”. This is something I have actually been thinking about for a while. As we were getting into November of last year, I started feeling like I had somehow lost the focus for our homeschool. Yes, we were falling into a routine for schoolwork, and we had a schedule that was working, but I had started to feel like we had lost our….spark. My boys are now in 7th and 10th grades, and I know our homeschool years are coming to a close, especially with my oldest. I have been contemplating exactly what it is I want my boys to leave home with, and I know that it is a firm faith in the Lord.

Now, don’t get me wrong, we have had a focus on God ever since we started homeschooling. We do Bible everyday, my kids know tons of Bible verses, and they have come to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. But this year, I want to go deeper. Since my boys are older, I would like to go further in studying the Word. Not just reading and memorizing it, but thinking and talking about what it means and how to apply it to our lives. I know that, especially for my older son, a firm grounding in God is going to be necessary for adult life. As his time in high school draws to a close, I want to prepare him for life beyond. I have no idea what the Lord has planned for him, but I want him to be able to stand and face the world with a deep trust that God will lead him and guide him as he follows whatever path is set before him.

I am currently looking for additional resources I can use to further our study of the Lord and his Word. I would like to find some materials I could use for Bible study aimed at teen boys and young men. If you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know in the comments. I am hoping for 2014 to be a faith-filled year in our house! To see what other members of the crew had to say on this topic, click here:
Word for 2014

2 thoughts on “Faith: Our Word For 2014

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  2. Fantastic word, and one of my very favorite themes! I’m blessed to be gifted with the gift of faith – I just really have no problem believing that God is taking care of things, of me, of what I need, behind the scenes. It’ll come, it’ll happen, it’ll be okay. It’s just wired into who I am, born out of learning through trial as a teenager. But that’s beside the point. I look forward to seeing your journey of faith this year! Thanks for linking up with Christian Fellowship Friday. Be blessed!

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