Menu Plan Monday 2/3/14

So I’ve been wanting to make a few changes to how we eat around our house. Most times, in the store, I find myself buying whatever is “BOGO” as far as snacks and stuff (think Cheez-Its, Chips, cereal etc. etc.). The thing is, with two teenage boys in the house, that stuff lasts me about three days, and it’s mostly empty calories. So, this past week I spent a couple of hours on Sunday doing some prep work in an effort to bring some healthier food into our regular diets.

I bought some carrots, broccoli, and cucumber and chopped them up and then put a little of each into small plastic baggies. I also made some hummus (which my kids love). I figure that when they want a snack, they can grab a bag of veggies and some dip. I also bought a lot of fruit, and found some make-ahead breakfast recipes that I cooked up. For lunch, instead of chips, I made a bean salad that I put in a tupperware for the kids to eat with their sandwiches (they actually love my bean salad).

My grocery bill was a lot lower since I wasn’t buying a lot of pre-packaged stuff, and I feel better about what my kids are eating. So far, it’s going well.

This is what’s on our menu for dinner this week:

Monday: Autumn Harvest Pork (crock pot)

Tuesday: Steak on the grill, Parmesan Potato Bites, and grilled veggies

Wednesday: Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches

Thursday: Garlic Chicken with rice and corn

Friday: Lasagna

Thanks for joining me for Menu Plan Monday this week! Make sure to come back next Monday.


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