Candy Hearts, Sticky Fingers

Candy Hearts

Ahh…Valentine’s Day. Candy, flowers, chocolate, cards, and fun. I remember the days of carefully choosing those little cards at the store and taping lollipops or other candy to them. I always gave careful consideration to which of my friends got which card from the collection, and I looked forward to receiving my own cards (and coming home with a bag full of candy 🙂 ). And of course, there were all the crafts we made at school. Paper hearts, cupcakes, Valentine’s boxes. I always came home covered in glue!

Now, as a parent, I have to say I don’t miss filling out those cards and taping on those candies. I didn’t realize at the time that the process is not nearly as fun for adults!! However, we do like to bring some Valentine’s fun into our homeschool. I have found some great resources online and at the local library!

First, these are some books you can read aloud to your kids for fun and learning the week of Valentine’s Day:

1. Jennifer Jones Won’t Leave Me Alone (I will be writing about this one for Booklovers Anonymous on Feb. 13!) A fun book about a young boy who has a classmate that drives him crazy, until she moves away and he misses her!

2. How to Drive Your Family Crazy on Valentine’s Day A story of a girl who doesn’t like “mushy stuff” and the mysterious Valentine box.

3. The Legend of the Valentine A more serious story about love, forgiveness, and St. Valentine.

4. Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse! You really can’t go wrong with a Mouse story!

5. The Biggest Valentine Ever Two friends team up to make a colossal sized Valentine!


There are also plenty of online resources for Valentine’s Day activities. First, PBS kids has printable cards and E-cards you can send to friends and family. They will also have special Valentine’s Day episodes of their kids shows airing that week. Activity Village has links to coloring pages, printables, and games you can play. Parenting has some fun Valentine’s themed recipes you can make with your kids.

Spoonful has some really fun games you can play as a family (I love the conversation hearts and chocolate kisses idea!) as well as other activities that are easy and fun. They also have some very creative ideas for simple gifts your kids can make. If you have older kids and would like to use Valentine’s Day to study some poetry, get started with these poems.

Whether you want to do a serious study about the history of the holiday, or just have some fun making crafts, cooking, and playing games, these resources are a wonderful place to get ideas! If you know of any other great places to find some Valentine’s ideas, let me know in the comments. Check out other resources that my Crew members shared here:
Valentine's Day RoundUp

Valentine's Day Resources

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