Homeschool Play

Staging the Battle

One thing that my kids love about homeschooling is their proximity to their toys! Of course, for me, this often leads to frustration as I try to stop spontaneous light saber battles that take place during math!! However, there are many ways to incorporate the use of toys and games in your homeschool.

For our 5 Days of Teaching Creatively blog hop, I shared how we incorporate Legos, army men, and toy cars in our learning. We have built ancient structures with legos, simulated World War II battles with army men, and my boys even created their own stop-action movies with their matchbox cars! You can read that post and see the pictures here: Lego, Army Men, and Cars. Oh My!

Board games are another fun way to add learning to your homeschool. Monopoly is great for teaching about money and we enjoy playing trivia games, charades based on historical figures, and marbles to learn about physics (which was part of our Apologia science curriculum). in addition, I sometimes give my boys the assignment to create a game based on something we are learning. It lets them express what they have learned in a creative way, and we all have fun playing the games afterwards. One new game we have discovered that is great for teaching about the election process is The Presidential Game. We got to review it for the TOS crew, and it was a game our whole family loved!

Outdoor games are another great way to bring fun and some physical activity to your homeschool. In addition to swimming, bike riding, and impromptu games of tag, Family Time Fitness gave us some great ideas for games we could play together in the backyard.

Sometimes we take a break from regular activities and just have a game day, especially if someone isn’t feeling well or its a rainy, dreary day outside. I find that allowing some play in our day keeps us from fighting over the use of toys when we need to be more serious.

If you have any ideas for ways to incorporate games into your homeschool, let me know in the comments. For other great ideas about using toys and games in school, check out the Crew Round Up here: (goes live 3/5/14)

Toys and Games for Homeschool


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