Booklovers Anonymous: A Wrinkle in Time

The first time I read A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’Engle, I was in fifth grade. This is one of the first books I can remember wanting to read over and over. I was so excited by the adventures of Meg, Calvin, and Charles Wallace. And the thought of traveling through time, and tesseracts, and the incredible worlds they visited….they were the stuff a dreams. The Christian themes in the book are quite obvious, and easily lend themselves to discussion. However, it is the relationships between the characters that stand out to me the most. The fact that Meg rescues her little brother because her love for him is the one thing IT can’t overcome, sends a very powerful message.

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle

Both of my boys read this book as part of their literature class in about the sixth grade, although I also used it as a read aloud when they were younger. A Wrinkle in Time is actually the first book in a series that can set your kids off on a wonderful adventure. First written in 1962, it is still enormously popular today.

When my kids read this book, we do numerous activities, like sketching their favorite scenes, drawing or making models of each planet, creating a comic based on the book, and making their own “map” of the different universes the children visit. Glencoe also has a study guide with questions and graphic organizers available. Scholastic has put together a nice little study guide with background about the book and the author, as well as questions for each chapter. Shmoop has some general questions and quizzes. The Edsitement website has great directions for creating a board game based on the book.

A Wrinkle in Time lends itself to creativity, so with an artistic child the possibilities are endless. Of course, you can also tie some of the topics into science (just look up tesseracts to get started). There is also quite a bit of math in the story, and literature references as well. This book will work for any child in 5th grade and above who loves excitement and adventure. Check it out and enjoy!

I appreciate you stopping by to visit. Be sure to come back next Thursday! Did you ever read A Wrinkle in Time as a kid? Let me know in the comments!

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