Booklovers Anonymous: Diary of a Worm

Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin

Welcome back to Booklovers Anonymous! This week I am sharing a really fun story by author Doreen Cronin, Diary of a Worm. This little gem of a book covers a few months in a young worms life, told from his perspective. It is part diary, part scrapbook, with pasted “pictures” of images like a “family vacation” at Compost Island, a Superworm comic, and the worm’s favorite pile of dirt.

In the story, the worm shares important details of his life, like how his mother told him that the earth gives him everything he needs, how he learned not to bother his father when he is eating the newspaper, how fruitless it is to try to teach his friend spider to dig, and the dangers of hopscotch. My kids loved to listen to how worm tried to annoy his big sister and how he made spider laugh so hard that he fell out of a tree. Aside from the fun, there are a lot of resources available for using this book for lessons.

PB works has a lesson plan for teaching about worms. At Writing Fix, students can practice using voice in their own writing. Teachers Net has a fun lesson for tying the story into creating a worm’s habitat, and Scholastic has ideas for using the book as a springboard for having students research an animal and create their own diary based on that animal’s life.  Check out this Pinterest board for Diary of a Worm unit study ideas on composting, recipes, crafts, and other activities.

Diary of a Worm is just so much fun, and could easily be used for a science unit study! Thanks for stopping by this week, be sure to come back next Thursday!

3 thoughts on “Booklovers Anonymous: Diary of a Worm

  1. This looks so cute!!! We have TONS of worms every time it rains, and it’s been raining quite a bit this spring. We might have to go find this one!

  2. This is a wonderful series!! The little jokes made me laugh and the kids had no clue when they were really little. Now they get them, but still….it was humorous to see me or my husband laughing and the kids just sitting there. 🙂

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