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The topic of this week’s Crew Round Up is “that’s Pinteresting”. Ha ha! Is Pinteresting even a real world? If it’s not, it definitely should be!! I love Pinterest. Seriously, most of my best ideas come from there. I have boards for homeschool, recipes, gardening, fashion, DIY projects, organization…and more!! I love the fact that I can browse slowly, just looking at the hodgepodge of ideas on my screen, or I can quickly look up specific things when I need to. Before Pinterest my house was full of stacks of magazines with pages folded down, and sticky notes, now I can keep all of my ideas organized without the clutter!

So, I thought I would share where I get ideas for which boards to follow. Let’s face it, the choices are endless, and a little overwhelming. I like to make it a point to follow boards that line up with specific areas of my life. I recently wrote a post about my favorite boards for homeschooling.  Here are some other places to check out ideas for education-related Pinterest boards:

Education Pinteresting

TeachThought has a list of 25 top Pinterest boards related to educational technology. On the list are boards that have pins about the best free educational apps, tips and tricks for using technology in school, and websites that provide free resources. As a homeschooler on a budget, I appreciate anything that hooks me up with free resources and activities!!

On Babble, you will find a teacher-compiled list of 25 of the best Pinterest boards for teachers. These boards are full of ideas on a wide variety of educational topics including pre-school and early elementary ideas, boards devoted to fine motor skills, reading, art, math, and more.

Food Pinteresting

I think the biggest draw on Pinterest for me is the endless amount of recipes. At least once a week I try a new dish that I found on Pinterest. Here are some ideas for where to find the best food-related boards on Pinterest:

The Kitchn has created a list of 13 Pinterest boards you should follow, including vegetarian boards, savory boards, dessert boards, and boards full of cooking tips!! I added all of these to my list!

At Bon Appetit, check out their list of the top 8 boards for food lovers.

Sweet Jack has a list of 10 foodies to follow on Pinterest, including Whole Foods board, Mommy’s Kitchen, full of recipes for family favorites, and Skinnytaste which offers flavorful, healthy recipes.

Finally, check out this list from Babble that has the top 50 boards listed for categories like Home and Garden, Holidays, DIY, and other categories.

Of course, I always love new followers, so please check out my boards too, Everyday Homeschooling Mom.

I hope you find some new boards to follow! I know I did. 🙂 For me, Pinterest is one of the most useful social media sites I have found in terms of giving me practical ideas and things I can actually use. How do you use Pinterest in your house? Let me know in the comments. Check out what other crew members had to say about all things Pinterest in the round up here: (goes live 4/16/14) Happy Pinteresting!

That's Pinteresting

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