Enjoying the Outdoors

Lake Lure, NC


The topic for this week’s Crew Round Up is Nature Journals. Our family loves the outdoors. Living in Florida, we are fortunate to be able to enjoy weather that lends itself to being outside year-round. Now, when I first started homeschooling, we tried to do the traditional nature journals with sketching and field books and everything, but it just wasn’t our style. However, both of my kids LOVE to take pictures. My oldest even has a little photography business going! So, our nature study involves photography, and getting out to enjoy the beauty our state has to offer.

In my post about Fall, I share some of my son’s pictures from a day we spent outside, and some of the creatures he was able to get up close and personal with.

In this post about our Outdoor Adventures, we share pictures taken from a trip to Juniper Springs when we were visiting my mom, and also some pictures from our vacation to the mountains of North Carolina, where we always get in at least one hike and get to watch deer on the deer path behind our condo.

Sometimes I turn to my computer to offer my kids a look at some of the nature we don’t get to see here in Florida. This post talks about how we use the Internet for Nature Study.

And finally, in my post Peace, I shared some beautiful pictures from the Pisgah National Forest as well as my thoughts about how enjoying nature brings me closer to the Lord.

Thanks for visiting me for this Round Up. I would love to hear how you do nature study at your house. Let me know in the comments. To see how other members of the Crew handle their nature study, click here: (goes live 5/7/14)

Philosophy Adventure

Nature Study for Your Homeschool


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