Our Top Curriculum Choices


The topic of our crew round-up this week is favorite curriculum choices.  Oh boy! I LOVE curriculum. Honestly, I see it and I want to try it all! So, narrowing down the choices to just a few…that is going to be hard. I change things up a little each year, but there are a few favorites I have found over the years that we will be sticking with. Here they are:


1. Apologia:

We used the Apologia Astronomy curriculum our first year of homeschooling and loved it! Since then, we have tried their elementary Human Anatomy & Physiology, Zoology, and Chemistry and Physics for science as well as all four of their books from their worldview curriculum. I have always loved every single thing I have used from this company. The books are beautiful, and so well-written, and the activity journals make their courses complete! I am sad to be finishing up their biblical worldview curriculum next year, because I think it is absolutely top-notch, but I am excited to see my youngest move into upper level science!

2. Math: I have discovered two favorites in the math area. For my kids younger years it just doesn’t get any better than CLE Math. These little workbooks are inexpensive, and very thorough. My kids use them all the way through 7th grade and always score well on our standardized tests each year. In many cases, I choose not to buy consumables, but for math, it works out so much better to just have my kids write in the books, and these cost around $40-$50 so I do not mind spending that each year. For the upper grades, I am really starting to like Life of Fred! If you have read anything about my struggles with upper level math, then you know this is an area I have had a hard time finding something that works.  I bought the geometry curriculum as a last resort this year, and it has worked very well, so I plan to keep using Fred for my boys in the near future, with my oldest moving onto Algebra 2 next year and my youngest starting the pre-algebra.

3. High School: We started My Father’s World High School when my oldest son began ninth grade. Wow! Can I just say that I am so impressed with this curriculum? It is thorough, detailed, and VERY challenging. The literature and writing alone are  just so in-depth!! Now, I have to say that this is definitely something that requires a lot of hard work and even though my son does the work on his own, he needs a  lot of support from me to keep up. And yes, this one is expensive. However, I buy used and find deals on eBay, and most of the curriculum is non-consumable, so I will have it for my younger son too. At any rate, it was really important to me that I find a high school curriculum that would prepare my kids for college level classes, and I feel like they will be more than ready after finishing this program.

4. Electives and other Stuff: We have gotten to sample or have tried out various other programs with varying degrees of success. Some of our other favorites include: Spanish For You!, Mango Languages, Victus Study Skills, Homeschool in the Woods, Logic of English, and Progeny Press. Our top choice for an extra that REALLY teaches you but you have so much fun you don’t realize you’re learning is The Presidential Game.

What are your curriculum favorites? Let me know in the comments! To see what other crew members had to say on this topic, click here: (goes live 5/21/14)

Favorite Curriculum Choices

7 thoughts on “Our Top Curriculum Choices

  1. Awesome resources! Quite a few of those are on our list, too… Mango, Progeny Press, Victus. I’ve heard great things about Life of Fred, too, keep going back and forth on it. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. i hear lots of good about the life of Fred. i may need to look into them myself. (annette @ A net in time)

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