On Boys and Forts

The Fort takeover.

So the question is “Mom, can I build a fort?”. And I sigh as my response. Forts are messy…they take up space…they usually result in me having to wash every extra sheet in my house.

But then I remember…my Nana had this round coffee table in her living room..and a certain little girl loved to throw a sheet on top and crawl underneath. It was my Narnia, my Terabithia, my portal to adventure. Then there was that time my cousin and I took her grandma’s sheets and tied them onto the patio chairs that one summer and had lunch and a camp out in the backyard.

Childhood is so fleeting…and as an adult there are times that I long to build myself a fort and climb inside and shut the world away! So…yes little (well, really not so little) boy, you and your brother can take over the living room (and the dining room, and part of the kitchen) to build your super-mega-fort-spy-superhero-headquarters. I will give you the sleeping bag and you can bring the dogs in with you and have a sleepover. And I will stand in the hallway and listen to the whispers and the laughter and think about how much I wish I could make time stand still so I could make your childhood last longer. I love you guys!


8 thoughts on “On Boys and Forts

  1. My kids just made a fort the other day, and had a sleepover in it. I think I might instigate a fort one of these days and see if they want to join mama in it. 😉

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