TOS Review: Roman Roads Media

Roman Roads Media Review

As my kids get older, I am constantly searching for new ways to introduce more complicated topics to them. And as I have mentioned before, I am not much of a numbers person. Economics involves numbers, and is one of those topics I find difficult to explain. So when I got the chance to review the Economics for Everybody Curriculum from Roman Roads Media, I was excited. What I didn’t expect was for my son to be so excited too!

Roman Roads Media Review

This Biblically-based economics curriculum is aimed at 6th grade and up, and I used it with my 8th grade son. Now, this boy does have a keen interest in business, which may have driven his interest in this course. He actually asked me to ask for this program! Basically, the course is a series of video lessons led by R.C. Sproul Jr. It also comes with a study guide that includes a suggested schedule, lists of additional resources, and lecture outlines and follow-up questions for each lesson.

Basically, we followed the schedule suggested in the study guide, which meant my son watched one video lesson per week and then spent the rest of the week working on the questions. The videos average around 20 minutes each, so they are easy to watch in one sitting. However, the way they are broken up, with headings before each section, you could easily split the viewing time up if you needed too. After watching the video, I would take my son through the discussion questions. The next day, I had him work on the multiple choice and short answer questions, and then he spent the rest of the week doing additional reading. (Note: the study guide does not include answers and this is the ONLY thing I would change about this curriculum).

The study guide lists specific textbooks you can use with the program, and if you choose to use them there are pages listed in the study guide that go along with each lesson. We checked out some general books on economics from the library and used those instead. However, I am considering using this for my high school son as well, and for him I would probably get a textbook because I would feel like he would need the additional reading to make the course worth a half-credit.

Each video is a mix of straight lecture and video clips that emphasize the points made. My son enjoyed the clips and did not have a hard time watching them at all. Mr. Sproul does a very good job of explaining topics like supply and demand, marginal utility, entrepreneurship, Free Market economy, socialism, and much more. Listening to the videos myself, the topics made sense to me to the point that I felt I could actually have an intelligent discussion about them!

Each lesson is taught from a Biblical perspective, and the study guide includes suggested scripture readings to go with each lesson. Topics such as stewardship, missionary work, and God’s sovereign rule in the area of finances are also covered.

I really enjoyed this program and so did my son. It is a great overview of economics, and with the additional resources and study guide, it easily becomes an in-depth study. The length of the lessons works for even fidgety kids like mine and the videos held my son’s attention. Economics for Everybody only costs $45.00 so I think it is well worth it for anyone who wants to teach this subject to their child but is not sure how!

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