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Well, it’s that time again. Summer has flown by and we are ready to start back to school on Monday. I am actually pretty excited. Although we’ve had a great summer, I am looking forward to digging into our new books for the year! For the last couple of weeks I have been anxiously awaiting the mailman every day looking for boxes! 😉 I am really happy with our choices for this year. For the most part, I didn’t change things too much, keeping most of our basic stuff the same. However, I added some cool extras, and we are using some of the stuff we really like from our tour with the Schoolhouse Review Crew too. This year, I really tried to get input from my kids too about what they wanted to try, and some of their choices surprised me! This is what we have on deck for this year:


The Oldest: (11th grade)

History/Bible/Litertature: My Father’s World U.S. History to 1877–this is our third year with MFW High School and I have to say, their program is impressive. Intense, but impressive! I managed to find this set used on eBay so I saved money on it too!! (and I will be saving it for my younger when he gets to this level). It is very thorough in all areas, and this year the Bible focus is on worldview.

My Father’s World High School

Algebra II: Life of Fred Advanced Algebra — After many years of struggling with math (pretty much all of them!) we finally turned to Fred last year for geometry, and it worked beautifully. I am all about sticking with what works, so we are back to Fred this year too.

Chemistry: High School Chemistry in Your Home – We got to check out Science for High School’s biology program last year and my son absolutely loved it!! It was one of his requests for this year. He will also take a chemistry lab with a college professor at a local student center.

Electives: This year my son has a few different electives going on. He takes guitar lessons weekly, which counts as music, and he is also doing dual-enrollment at our local community college. For the fall semester he is taking a course in Criminology. I also got him an SAT prep workbook that he will be working through this year, and he is registered to take the PSAT in October. He volunteers at our church, and is currently looking for his first job!

The Youngest: (8th grade)
This one is my challenging student, and some of our curriculum is stuff we are finishing up from last year. He is a very young 8th grader in many ways.

Bible: Apologia What on Earth Can I do? and Wise Up – I LOVE Apologia’s worldview curriculum. We have done the other three books in the set, and when I got this one through the Crew for a review, I was so happy. We do this together two days per week, and he completes the other study on his own the other days. I did Wise Up with his brother too and it is just full of great stuff for kids in this age range!

Math: Since Life of Fred worked so well for his brother, we decided to go with Life of Fred Pre-Algebra 1 and Pre-Algebra 2 this year. I think these are a good match for his personality.

Language Arts: This is broken down into several categories. I love the simplicity and thoroughness of Rod and Staff. Yes, they are straightforward and not exactly exciting, but really, grammar does not lend itself to excitement!
Spelling: Rod and Staff
Grammar: Rod and Staff/Analytical Grammar (just did a review on this one and we are going to see which he likes better)
Vocabulary: Wordly Wise
Writing:IEW Student Writing Intensive(another Crew favorite) and theme-based writing workbook
Handwriting: Rhythm of Handwriting – this is one of my son’s biggest struggles. Yes, he is in 8th grade, yes we are working on cursive. For the record, my cursive is pretty bad too, but I made it through college and became an English teacher. We have had some success with this program from Logic of English so far.

Reading: Mosdos. We have been using their books for the last couple of years and we love them. We will also be reading various novels.

History: Mystery of History, finishing Vol. II and moving to Vol. II

Science: Apologia Exploring Creation with General Science – We got the book and the notebook and they look great.

Electives/Extras: This year I let my son choose what extras he wanted to study and he chose two things we got through our reviews. The first was an economics video course (from Roman Roads Media) and the second was Veritas Press (a very meaty course, we scratched the surface this summer, but he wants to dig deeper).

We also read the Bible together as a family each morning (this year we are starting with Ephesians) and we belong to a co-op that meets weekly!

So, that is our curriculum for the year? What do you think? Are you using any of the same stuff? Have you used something and loved it? Let me know in the comments. My friend Jennifer over at Chestnut Grove is hosting a very cool curriculum link up so you can see what other people had to say! Check it out here: Chestnut Grove

4 thoughts on “Curriculum 2014-2015

  1. We have enjoyed MFW and Apologia through the years also. Sounds like you have some great curriculum lined up! I need to check out the Life of Fred bc we still have not found a great math match for our family:(

  2. That looks like a great year! I’ve looked into Mosdos and it looks wonderful. I’ve never read any reviews or known anyone who uses it though. Maybe you can blog about it in depth! I keep going back and forth on this curriculum. It looks so colorful and fun!

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