Homeschooling in the Corner

The topic of our Crew Carnival this week is homeschool classrooms. Well, I wish I had one. It would be great to have a place to store all of our stuff. And I think it would keep the rest of our house cleaner too. However, the house we rent does not have extra space for a school room, but it does have a sort of “nook” in the living/dining/great room that we use for school. The area is defined by a built-in bookshelf where we do keep a lot of our books.

The messy bookshelf!

Now let me say, we are book people at my house. Seriously, we love to read. And while I have organized this shelf numerous times, I noticed it always became disorganized because of the number of people searching for books to read (which is not a bad thing at all). So, to save myself frustration, I pretty much gave up on trying to organize it! Since we got a new dining room table on sale at Big Lots, I got to use our old dining room table as a school table. The very old desktop computer does take up a good bit of space, but there is enough room for one of the boys to work there (and really, its better if they don’t work in the same space because then they don’t get a lot of work done!!).

I do have two cabinets for storage. In the upper cabinet I keep supplies, paper, colored pencils, pencils etc. My other cabinet holds books and notebooks. Our cat, Skippy, likes to hang out on the counter and sleep on top of the books. He knows if he does that there’s a good chance he will get lots of cuddles throughout the day!

Sigh…this is my other cabinet. This is when we were in the process of packing up last year’s school stuff to make room for this year’s school stuff.

As far as working goes, my kids tend to move around a lot during the day. Sometimes they work on the couch, sometimes they work at the kitchen table, sometimes it’s the dining room table, and sometimes it’s the floor. The way our house is set up, we basically have one big room off the kitchen, so I can see them wherever they are!

While I do wish I had a separate room (largely so I could shut the door and at least corral the mess) it is nice to at least have a corner. And, honestly, my kids would probably just end up in the living room anyway!! Maybe our next house will have an extra room…..

Do you have a homeschool room at your house? If not, where do you do school? Let me know in the comments. And check out other homeschool classrooms here: goes live 8/20/14)

Homeschool Classrooms

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