Random 5 on Friday 9/5/14

Labor Day Weekend 2014

This week I am trying out a new link-up called “Random 5 on Friday”. It’s really simple, you just post five random things that are going through your head and then link-up. Since I constantly have lists and lists of random thoughts in my head at any given time, it seemed right up my alley, and I am excited to see what everyone else has to share! Here goes:

1. Getting back into a rhythm for school after summer is really hard. Like this week, I hardly got anything done on my blog, and I swear I have been working on laundry since Monday, and I need to go to the store today and I haven’t even made a list yet. Ugh.

2. I am still waiting for our local high school to call me back about my son’s registration for the PSATs. Its annoying.

3. I love the beach. Really. I could do school there every day, but we probably wouldn’t get much done.

4. Our trip to Washington DC is getting closer.

5. I wonder how long it is going to take for temperatures to cool down around here (East Central Florida). Probably not until Halloween, or Thanksgiving.

Thanks for joining me! To see more “random 5” posts, visit The Pebble Pond. Have a great weekend!

The Pebble Pond

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