To Washington We Go!

I can’t believe we are finally doing it! For the last five years we have been promising our kids a trip to Washington DC, but our budget has just never allowed it! This year, thanks to some help from my cousin, we are finally going to go!! Seriously, one of the reasons we started homeschooling was because I wanted to travel with my kids. I had all these visions of us taking impromptu trips here and there. Sigh…sadly, what I envisioned was far from reality. Trying to live on one income does not allow a big travel budget. Still, we got a fantastic opportunity when my cousin (who is in the Navy) was stationed in Maryland this year. So, we will be making the 13-15 hour drive from our home in Florida to DC this week!!

We have spent a lot of time planning and we are all excited. To save money, I am bringing my crock pot, so I can make easy dinners while we are there to save money (eating out kills us!). I figure, if we eat breakfast before we leave, and dinner at the house, that only leaves lunch and snacks while we are out. And of course, it helps that so much of the attractions up there are free or low cost. I even found tickets to the Spy Museum online for half the regular cost. (that place is top on my youngest’s list!)

My hubby, a huge war history buff, can’t wait to visit the memorials, and I want to hit the Smithsonian museums. Since I want to also use this as part of school, I came up with a plan for my kids during our trip. I purchased small notebooks where I am going to have them record details of our trip, such as the time we leave, each stop we make, and how much we spend on gas, food, experiences etc. They are also going to journal each day about what we did. I also got them each a folder where they can store maps, pamphlets etc. When we get back, they are each going to make a scrapbook about our trip. They are going to work out our gas mileage, travel time, expenditures, etc. They will also make pages about the things we visited, draw a map of all of our stops, and write an essay about their favorites part of our trip. Finally, I plan to have them take plenty of pictures to print out and add to their books. I figure they will create an awesome keepsake, as well as get in reading, writing, math etc.

So, here we go!! I hope to have plenty of pictures to post when we get back. Have a great week. 🙂

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