TOS Review: Out of the Box Games

Out of the Box Games Review

It is my last review of this crew year, and while I have had a lot of fun, I am looking forward to the holiday break. I think it is very fitting that this review is for a really fun game called Snake Oil from Out of the Box games. As a family of four, we are always looking for fun things to do that don’t cost a lot of money, and playing board games is something we all enjoy.

Out of the Box Games Review

Based on the idea of the old “snake oil” salesman who roamed small towns and county fairs back in the early days of the country, players are asked to create their own pitch for hilarious products! This game gave my kids a chance to show off their sales and improvisational skills, and led to lots of laughs. Designed for ages 10 to adult, I think this could become a huge party game!

Out of the Box Games Review

This game works for 3-10 players, but I think the more you have the better it is. Playing Snake Oil is very easy. To begin with, each player draws six cards from four different decks. The cards have random words on them like beach, cat, shoe etc. One person becomes the customer and draws a card from the customer deck. That card features a role (such as teenager, pirate, schoolteacher etc.) and lets the salesmen know who they have to convince to buy their product. Next, each salesman chooses two of their cards to create the product they are going to sell. The idea is to tailor the product to the customer (like one of my sons thought a sword dog would be good for the pirate…it’s a weapon and also a pet!).

We set a one-minute time limit for each sales pitch, but of course, you could do more or less depending on the number of players you have. After each person makes their pitch, the customer chooses what they think is the best one, and that person wins that round. You can decide how many rounds you want to play before you begin. We went with eight. Now, since the cards are so random, I’m sure you can imagine some of the funny products we made up. Some of my favorites were the dog-pony, sleep-hammer, cheese-worm, and shadow-fan.

I love Snake Oil because it really taps into your creative side. My youngest described it as “kind of like a picture game or charades, but with words”. It really was fun for all of us, but I can also see the use in helping to develop language and public speaking skills, but in a fun and non-threatening way.

I actually plan to play this game with my girlfriends on our next “girls night” because I really think they will enjoy it too. You could absolutely use it for a party too, just have people play as teams. Snake Oil costs $19.99 and I think it is worth every penny! This could easily become one of my family’s favorite games!

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