Getting in the Spirit

Thanksgiving is the start of one of my favorite times of year. I simply love the holidays. I love the music, and the television shows, and the decorations, and caroling, and parties…all of it. My family indulges me in all of this, for which I am very grateful. And we have started a few favorite traditions that we love to share. This season, unfortunately, all of us were a little under the weather, because my hubby brought home a cold the week before and it made its way through all of us, but we managed to have fun anyway.

My hubby worked on Thanksgiving (which he does most holidays), but my kids and I were able to go to the station and have dinner with him, his crew, and their families. My children have grown up with fire station holidays and we enjoy the “family” we have there. The guys set up corn hole for the kids and the boys brought their skateboards and everybody had a great time. Since we were at the station on Thanksgiving, we went out to dinner with my hubby’s parents the next evening.

We spent the day on Friday getting our tree and setting up our decorations like we do every year. The first year my hubby and I were married a Christmas tree stand set up across the street from the apartments we lived in. We were on our way home from Thanksgiving dinner and saw them and decided to get one and set it up (we were newlyweds and so excited about our first Christmas together!). That became a tradition that we have kept up. As we decorate, the kids and I get to talk about our special ornaments, like my family ornaments made by my great grandmother.

We have another tradition I started when my oldest was six years old where we go to the store and each boy chooses their own Christmas ornament for the year. The box gets marked with their name and the year. Over time we have collected a number of different ornaments including Scooby Doo, Gandalf, Thor, Fire trucks, the Batmobile, and many others. I remember the first year I was married, and my hubby and I had NO ornaments of our own so we bought a bunch of cheap stuff from Wal-Mart. My idea is, when the boys grow up and get married and have their first Christmas, they will have a bunch of ornaments to take with them and hang up on their tree that will be special to them. They always talk about each one when we hang them up, and look forward to choosing new ones each year.

Each year it becomes more and more clear to me how special these traditions are. Especially as my boys get older and I see that these times are so precious and fleeting, I want to squeeze the joy out of every second. I love these people the Lord has blessed me with and I am so thankful to spend this time with them! I hope you had a wonderful holiday. Do you have any special traditions? Let me know in the comments!


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