Top 10 Posts of 2014


I love reviewing my blog stats at the end of the year. It gives me so much insight into what my readers like most. This year, as usual, most of my top posts were recipes, but there were a few reviews and other homeschool related posts on the list as well. Take a look at my top ten posts for 2014:


1. Simple Calzone : This recipe has over 1,300 views total!

2. Chicken Soup : One of my favorite go-to dinners on a cold night!

3. Analytical Grammar Review : A lot of people stopped by to check out my review of this great grammar program!

4. The Olympics are Here! : This post included a bunch of resources to use in your schooling for a study of the Olympics.

5. Pork Tacos : This was my top crock pot recipe for the year!

6. Empanadas : These tasty treats are one of my kids favorite snacks!

7. Our Top Curriculum Choices : We all know homeschool moms can never get enough info on curriculum!

8. Easy Chicken Quesadillas : This recipe is just so simple and so good!

9. Taco Style Stuffed Shells : A great one-dish meal!

10. The Westing Game : My post about resources to use with one of our favorite books!

So there you have it, my most-viewed posts from last year! I am already excited to see what happens this year. Thanks for stopping by!

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