TOS Review: Heirloom Audio Productions – In Freedom’s Cause

In Freedom's Cause Audio CD Review

Like many homeschoolers, we spend a lot of time in the car. I try to make long drives as interesting as possible, and so I was really excited to get to check out In Freedom’s Cause a new audio drama from Heirloom Audio Productions for this review. I was fortunate enough to get to try Under Drake’s Flag last year during a trip to the Keys, and my whole family loved it, so when my son found out I was getting another one, he couldn’t wait.

This drama tells the story of William Wallace and the fight for Scottish independence. Based on the book by GA Henty, the story teaches true moral values as it weaves an exciting tale that keeps you on the edge of your seat. This drama is appropriate for all ages and provides about two hours of listening time. It also comes with some great extras.

The thing we like most about Heirloom Audio products is that they are a true dramatization of the story, complete with well-known actors from television and movies. They make you really connect with the characters. Excellent sound effects set the scene and draw you into the story. It tells of Wallace’s ill-fated marriage and his devotion to the Lord. The story also talks about his execution and how Robert the Bruce took up the cause and eventually won freedom for Scotland.

The two-disc set has clear starting and stopping points, making it great for road trips (we listened to ours on the way to North Carolina) because you can easily find your place again. In addition, you get access to a download of the In Freedom’s Cause study guide, soundtrack, and a copy of The Prayer of William Wallace.

I found the study guide to be a huge help when listening to the audio drama. It starts off with some basic historical information about Wallace and Bruce, and then has a section that corresponds with each chapter of the drama. These sections include vocabulary, basic comprehension questions that recall how well you were listening, and questions that ask you to go a bit further and think about the subtle messages in the drama. For older students you could certainly print the guide out and have the students answer questions on paper, or you could just use them for discussion.

The guide concludes with an excellent Bible study that focuses on the major themes in the story, including freedom, forgiveness, and fear. We did the Bible study together after we finished the drama. There is also some additional information about the history of Scotland and suggestions for further study.

When we stared this story on our trip, my youngest son was the most excited. However, the whole family ended up loving it. My hubby is a HUGE Braveheart fan (seriously, he’s seen the movie at least 10 times) and he told me he felt like this audio drama was just as exciting. My older son started our journey with his headphones on, listening to music, but after a short while he too was caught up in the excitement. Heirloom Audio Productions products are honestly, some of our absolute favorites (and my son is hoping we will get to check out more of them!). In Freedom’s Cause costs $29.97 for the single pack, with other packages available. It’s definitely worth it.

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