Real Life Homeschool: A Good Day

So, the topic of our blog hop for this week is real life homeschool. I told you yesterday that it did not take me long to learn that in real life homeschool, things rarely go according to plan. However, I thought I would start off describing what a day in our life looks like when we have a good day. Occasionally, we have days where things go exactly like I planned, with no unexpected interruptions. Granted, these days are rare 🙂 but when they do happen, it’s really nice.

So, on a good day I am up by 6:30, and I start my day in the Word. I know how important it is to spend time with God in the morning, and when I don’t, it seems the rest of my day is just more stressful. On good days, I have time to pour myself a cup of coffee before everyone else is up and jump into a Bible study and prayer time. Incidentally, I find the 30-day Bible studies from Doorposts to be really good.

After I am done, I wake up my kids and serve them a hot breakfast. Scrambled eggs with salsa and cheese is my specialty! I try to get my boys up around 8 on most days, although my older son has college classes Monday and Wednesday mornings so he is up anyway. From there, the big kid and I discuss what he is working on that day, and my youngest grabs his planner and starts getting his books together.

He usually starts his individual work first, while I sort through emails and clean up from breakfast. I also use this time to squeeze in an assignment or two (I work as a freelance writer) so I don’t have as much to do later. My son likes to work in our homeschool corner, which is finally cleaned up again.

Seriously, if I showed you what that corner looked like before, you would probably report me to Hoarders! I don’t know why, but I just have such a hard time parting with our homeschool supplies and stuff. I worry that the second I get rid of something is exactly when I will need it. That corner had books and papers and things piled up the side of the window. It drives my super-organized hubby crazy! He finally sat me down during our spring break and spent two days going through everything piece by piece until we cleaned it up. It was painful. I cried more than once. Sigh.

Anyway, by the time my youngest gets done with his individual work and I wrap up my morning activities it is lunchtime. On a good day this means I make us a nice salad, or we pack up some sandwiches and head to the park down the street. It has a nice playground and tennis courts and lots of places to picnic. My boys both love to be outside so we finish out our lunch hour with some free play, swimming, etc. (or, what I like to call PE).

You might not be able to tell, but there is a boy swinging on a tire swing under that big tree.

We live in Florida, so our pool gets used about 10 months out of the year.

After our lunch break, we finish out our school day doing work together on the couch. I work with my youngest in science, history, and writing. For his other subjects, I teach the concept but he does the work on his own. I also love to read so I try to squeeze in some read-aloud time too. If we did really well (and didn’t take too many Lego breaks!) We are done with school about 2. Now, if I am really fortunate, my boys will move directly into their chores at this time, but, more often than not, they need a few “gentle reminders” first.

Since we got done so early, I have plenty of time to grade papers and finish up my work assignments before I cook dinner. I can also head to the gym and squeeze in a Zumba class or some time on the elliptical. (My doctor told me I needed to work on taking off a few pounds to bring my blood pressure down). Dinner is on the table around 6, and it is a HEALTHY meal!

After dinner, we grab the dogs and head out for a family walk. If this was a day my hubby was off work, he was puttering in and out working on various house projects and other things. He doesn’t participate in homeschool a whole lot, except for Shop type activities and car maintenance.

A rare photo of my camera-shy teenager and our little girl dog.

My hubby and younger son.

At the end of the day, we have story time and my hubby and I get some TV time before we go to bed. At 11 LOL!

So, how does that sound? This is my ideal day, and like I said, while most days are not like that at all, I occasionally get lucky. Most of the time though, things are drastically different. Tomorrow I am going to give you a glimpse of what a Not-so-good (or closer to normal) day looks like. What does a really good day look like in your house? Am I the only one who frequently has her “best laid plans” go awry? Let me know in the comments. And see what my fellow crew members are talking about for the Real Life Homeschool blog hop here:

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