TOS Review: WordBuildOnline

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Ah, vocabulary! It can be boring, but oh so necessary! I am always looking for new ways to build vocabulary in my boys, but in a way that they find exciting. When I got the chance to check out WordBuildOnline from Dynamic Literacy for this review, I was very happy!

JazzEdge  Review

Basically, this is an online vocabulary program that provides daily practice in roots, prefixes, and suffixes. Lessons take no longer than 15 minutes and build on each other as students move through the program. Perfect for older students who need to build their word study skills, WordBuildOnline uses a variety of exercises to build vocabulary skills while keeping kids engaged.

JazzEdge  Review

Basically, your child gets their account and logs in each day to complete their lessons. My son (8th grade) did these all on his own. The activities include lessons, games, videos, and more led by a congenial host. For the most part, my son enjoyed these activities and only needed help occasionally. I really liked the fact that the program helps kids distinguish between subtle uses of words within families (i.e. : form, reform, deform, reformation, conform, transform etc.). As kids get older, being able to identify these small differences will really help them with their writing and reading. I also found that identifying these small differences were the things my son struggled with most.

The other thing WordBuildOnline offers is a parent account where you can log in and track your child’s progress. The program sends you emails each time your child completes an activity, and you can log in to see how they scored on each activity. The reports tell you what affix the child was working on, how long they worked on each activity, and what their score was. As a parent, you also have a chance to review the activity to see what questions your child missed and reset the activity to have them repeat it.

I found this information very helpful. When my son struggled with a particular word set, we reviewed it together and then he repeated the activity to improve his score. As he moved through the lessons, I noticed his skills improving. He enjoyed the lesson where he had to add up the boxes the best.

The short duration of the lessons was another draw for my son because he does not like to spend large amounts of time on this stuff. He enjoys the computer, but not typically for schoolwork! He liked the fact that WordBuild was animated and he could log on himself first thing in the morning and then get his lesson done and move on. I liked that I could then log in and check up on his work without looking over his shoulder every second. This program costs $30.00 per student.

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