TOS Review: Super Teacher Worksheets

Sometimes your kids need a little extra practice on a concept, or you just want a fun activity to celebrate the seasons, or give yourself a much needed break from the regular routine. Sure, you could spend time scouring the internet for resources, but with limited time, it would be so much more convenient to have all of that stuff located in one place. So, I was happy to get a chance to review an individual membership from Super Teacher Worksheets. This website has a ton of resources available across multiple grade levels and subjects, right at your fingertips!

To start, the teacher section has a ton of useful things like printable lesson planning pages ( a huge bonus for me since I haven’t gotten a planner yet) a printable gradebook, awards, charts, calendars, and more. All you have to do is print them out, punch holes in them, and put them in a binder. Worksheets are organized by subject, and there are a plethora of math and reading worksheets in particular. You can find everything from multiple digit addition, to fractions, word problems, geometry, and algebra. For reading, there are basic reading comprehension worksheets, some fun readers theater scripts (these are great if you’re teaching multiple kids) and even worksheets and activities designed to go along with some specific chapter books.

My son enjoyed the logic activities, and I know we will probably use some of the holiday activities this year as well. I also used a lot of the grammar for extra practice (because that is one area my son definitely needs to work on) and the cursive handwriting as well. We haven’t gotten into the 50 states practice yet, but it is something I plan to look at later. They also have some cool science worksheets you could use as part of a unit study if you wanted to.

Another part of the site that I liked a lot was the worksheet generator. It allows you to input your own information to create all kinds of worksheets like word searches, fill-in-the blanks, multiple choice, matching, and even math worksheets. This is really useful for creating review and quiz activities based on the subjects you are learning in your regular studies. We have been doing a unit study on Daniel Boone in our social studies and I created some word searches and other activities using info from that study on Super Teacher Worksheets to go along with that. I think this is a very valuable tool in and of itself.

While a lot of the worksheets on the website are intended for grades K-6, some of the math is for the upper levels, and with the worksheet generator, you can easily customize this to just about any grade level. A cost for an individual membership is $19.95 per year. For me, access to Super Teacher Worksheets is a huge benefit for our homeschool.

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