Menu Plan Monday 2/22/16

Well, after a whirlwind week in DC, it is nice to be home. We had a fantastic time, it even snowed when we were there, which was great because my son had never seen real snow before, and even I had only seen it once. We got to make snowmen and snow angels, and we drove around with our family and got to see an actual frozen river! It was so very beautiful. We also drove out to the Chesapeake Bay, the snowy woods were so gorgeous. However, I can tell you that this Florida girl is NOT used to being that cold for that long! Now that I’m home, its also nice to be back to cooking. Eating out is fun, but way off my regular diet, and my hubby and youngest son really need some veggies! Here’s what’s on our menu this week:

Monday: Skillet Pork with Tomatoes and Rice

Tuesday: Crispy Chicken with White Beans

Wednesday: Pork Tacos and Black Bean and Corn Salsa

Thursday: Use the leftover pork to make Cuban Sandwiches and salad

Friday: Chicken and Bean Enchiladas

I hope your February is finishing off nicely! What are you planning to do with the extra day we have this year?? We haven’t decided yet. Thanks for stopping by for Menu Plan Monday. See you next week.

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