TOS Review: Stopmotion Explosion

Stopmotion Explosion Review

Sometimes you just like to have a little fun, and maybe encourage your kids to explore a creative avenue that might turn into a future career. Both of my boys have at one point or another, considered film animation as a direction to follow. They used to use digital cameras to take tons of pictures of their toy cars and turn them into 30-second movies. So, we were excited to check out the Stopmotion Explosion Animation Kit for this review.

Stopmotion Explosion Review

The animation kit comes with an HD video camera, a CD with software that you install on your computer, a quickstart guide, and a 290-page book all about animation. In addition, the Stopmotion Explosion website offers video tutorials to help you get started. The program is easy to install and I just put it on my laptop. My son was eager to start playing with it right away, so he set up the camera and started taking some shots.

He was so excited. He really didn’t have any trouble getting started with the software all on his own. However, after filming his first show with his army men, he realized how much footage he was going to need to create a film and decided he wanted to start a little smaller, and also read the book!

The Animate Anything and Make Movies book that comes with the program is incredible. I think it’s a fantastic book for anyone interested in animated films. It features 17 chapters on topics ranging from building sets, to lighting, to sound and editing. The parts about how to create special effects were particularly exciting. I really liked the fact that the book got into the techniques of making animated films, explaining the details of what composition is and why it is important in filmmaking, because I felt like it was really teaching my son skills while also allowing him to have a lot of fun.

There were a few things that we learned along the way, like making a full animated film takes a pretty long time and a lot of patience. My son (and now his older brother, who after watching from the sidelines for a while is also interested in this!) is still working on a plan for a Lego film. The two of them are actually sitting down together to come up with a script and then make plans for the scenery, visual effects, and everything else they need. In the meantime, they are experimenting with the camera to learn more about how to use it and what it can do with short images and series of shots.

I kind of like the fact that while my son was really excited and ready to jump right on this from the start, after using it, he now wants to take his time and really dig into it. I mean, I haven’t seen him this excited about learning something in a while. He’s really exploring this in depth on his own, and learning so many concepts. Maybe one day he will grow up to work on animated films in the future!

Check out this short video he made so far:

We really enjoyed the Animation Kit from Stopmotion Explosion! To learn more about it, connect with them on social media here:

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