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Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership Reviews

My kids and I have enjoyed notebooking and lapbooking since we started homeschooling. I think that using creative notebook pages are a great supplement to any curriculum as they allow you to explore topics in further detail. They are also great for unit studies! For this review, I was excited to check out the Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership from

Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership Reviews

The Lifetime Membership offers thousands of notebooking pages in a variety of subjects including fine arts, geography, history, science and even holiday and seasonal pages. Suitable for all ages, the pages would be easy to use with children in multiple grades. For my oldest, he liked the fact that the pages didn’t contain “little kid” illustrations, since he is now in high school and doesn’t want to do kid stuff anymore.

Since we were already studying Australia for our geography program, we started with the geography notebooking pages. The menu allows you to download a zip file of all the pages in a unit, or choose individual pages for a specific country. For Australia, we had pages to record basic facts like the population, climate, capital etc. as well as natural resources, geographical data and more. You can also print maps of the countries as well. In addition, the site offers USA state study pages.

In science, we dove into the study on plants. I really like how this one was set up because you can choose the level of activity for your child. For younger kids, you could allow them to color in the labeled illustration of the parts of a plant. For older students, they have blank diagrams to label, with and without a list of terms, as well as pages where you can write down what each part of the plant does. So, if you wanted to do a unit study on botany using a specific curriculum with multiple children at once, you could print the pages suitable for each child and have them work on the same topic at their level. There are many other science topics to study including dinosaurs, reptiles, and astronomy.


The fine arts pages offer a selection of composer and artist studies, and we thought these were really cool. We started with the study on Van Gogh, because he is one of my favorite artists and I have several prints of his work in my house. The pages were very well done, offering a space to record Van Gogh’s birthdate, a short biography, and thoughts about the pieces of his work you studied. The site also offers a set of prints for each artist listed that you can use for the study if you want. We used a combination of the prints included and the ones I have in my house. You could certainly do a web search for other prints as well. The notebooking pages include the large, segmented lines for younger students and the same pages with regular lines for older students, so again, you could easily do this with multiple ages at once. Other artists available include Mary Cassatt, Edgar Degas, and Leonardo DaVinci among others.

A variety of blank notebooking pages are available if you want to create your own study on a specific topic as well. I think is a resource I am going to use again and again as my son goes through high school. And for less than $100 it is a great bargain for everything you get.

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Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership Reviews

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