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Home School Adventure CompanyAs a kid, I loved to write. Seriously, I was a journaler, and creative writer, and an editor for my school paper. I always seemed to have a story in my head at all times. So, it is hard for me to understand why writing is so hard for my youngest. He loves to tell stories, but when it comes to writing them, well, it’s a challenge. For that reason, I was happy to give Creative Freewriting Adventure from Home School Adventure Co. a try. It also comes with the Creative Freewriting Adventure Coloring Book Edition.

Creative Freewriting AdentureThis program can be used on its own or along with Philosophy Adventure. I just used it as a supplemental writing curriculum for my son. The goal of Creative Freewriting is simple: get kids to write. Really, it’s that easy. The writing prompts are designed to peak your child’s interest and include background information on the subject as well as questions designed to encourage their creativity.

Creative Freewriting Adventure Coloring Book EditionCreative Freewriting features prompts based on the lives of famous astronomers and philosophers (like Thales) as well as stories such as The Wise Woman. However, the prompts include fun twists that make the writing really interesting and students are encouraged to put their own spin on familiar ideas. I think this is actually a really strong component of the program, especially for reluctant writers like my son. One of his biggest complaints is that he can never think of “what to write”. With Creative Freewriting Adventure, he was given just enough structure to get started, but was then able to go off and create a story on his own.

 photo freewriting 2_zpskljkt6jl.png

I found the background information given in the prompts useful as well. If you wanted to, you could easily choose one prompt a week and use it as a starting point for a further study of a particular philosopher, or use one of the books in the program as a read aloud. For my son, just getting writing was enough. The 15-minute time period is also perfect for our situation because it gave my son an “out” to the writing. He knew he didn’t have to worry about completing the whole story, and that it wasn’t going to be graded for spelling or anything. He just needed to write whatever came to mind. When using this program, I really saw him begin to relax when he wrote for the first time. In fact, there were some stories that he went back and finished on his own after his time was up just because he wanted to!

 photo freewriting 3_zpsqnavdrli.png

The questions that go with the prompts serve as gentle guides to give your kids ideas for what to write about, but they can also serve as starting points for literature lessons for your kids. For example, when they ask your child to think about “what do you see?” “what do you hear?”, “what do you smell?” you could use that to talk to your child about setting in a story. There are also questions that relate to topics like dialogue, character development and more.

 photo freewriting 4_zps8ecm1vdt.png

The coloring book that comes with Creative Freewriting complements the program. It gives students scenes to color that go along with each prompt, which may also help get their creative juices flowing. My son is not much of a colorer, but I think you could also use this if you have a younger student that likes to “tag along” on an older brother or sister’s work. They could listen to you read the background info and prompts and then color the picture and maybe tell you their own story orally!

 photo freewriting 5_zpssy0jgux1.jpg

Overall, I really enjoyed Creative Freewriting Adventure, and I believe my son did too. The point of this program is to get kids comfortable with writing, and I can tell you it really did that at my house. If you would like to know more, connect with Home School Adventure Co. on social media here:

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