Holiday Baking

I can’t believe Christmas is only about two weeks away! I love this time of year, but boy is there a lot to do! One thing I really love about Christmas is all the baking I get to do. My kitchen is my happy place! I take one day each season to bake goodies for our family and friends and it’s tons of fun. These are some of the treats I’ll be making this year:

Peppermint Bark

Cookie Dough Fudge

Irish Toffee Bars

I will also be making various cookies and trying a few new recipes too! I’ll let you know how they turn out!


Menu Plan Monday 12/4/17



Welcome to December! Can you believe it’s the last month of the year? I can’t!! We’ve had a busy week already as Monday was my sister in law’s birthday so we all went out to dinner. I know things will only get busier from here with all the holiday activities going on to, so I am going to try to keep my dinners simple. Here’s our menu for the week:

Monday: Dinner out

Tuesday: Chili

Wednesday: Chicken and Corn tostadas

Thursday: Chili Mac casserole (using leftovers)

Friday: Chicken tamales

Thanks for stopping by for Menu Plan Monday! Have a great week.

Menu Plan Monday 11/27/17


I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving! We have been eating leftovers all weekend and since they’re almost all gone now, I guess I have to start cooking again! So, here’s what’s on the menu at my house this week:

Monday: Chicken and Dumplings

Tuesday: Spaghetti

Wednesday: Tacos

Thursday: Stuffed Peppers

Friday: Stewed Pork with Beans

Thanks for stopping by for Menu Plan Monday! Have a great week!

Menu Plan Monday 11/20/17


Wow! It’s Thanksgiving week! I am so excited. I love the holidays. Even though all the prep and cooking is a lot of work, I enjoy it. Also, I enjoy having enough leftovers to feed us for a good 5 days so I get a break afterwards!! I’ve been watching all the holiday episodes of The Chew to get some inspiration and I think this year is going to be a good mix of old and new recipes. So, that said, I’m only really cooking twice this week. One crock pot meal on Monday while we hit the theme parks, and a light meal on Wednesday, which is my big prep day. Here’s our menu:

Monday: Pork and Black Bean Soup

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Greek Chicken Salad

Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday: Leftovers!

Thanks for stopping by for Menu Plan Monday. I hope you and yours have a wonderful turkey day!

Chili Corn Casserole

chili casserole


So, couple things before I give you this recipe: 1. I have recently worked on cutting back the number of carbs in my diet and it has made a big difference for me. So, rather than using traditional cornbread in this recipe I am using frozen corn tots. However, you could easily just bake some cornbread and use this instead. 2. I am in a very busy season of my life right now. While I LOVE cooking and prefer to make my own stuff, some days I’m lucky if I get dinner on the table at all, so in this recipe I use (gasp!) canned chili! I know, I know, canned stuff is not good for you etc. etc. Look, I am a big believer in being realistic about what you can accomplish in one day, so If you want to make your own chili instead, go for it. But, if you got home late and everyone is hungry and homework still needs to get done, don’t feel bad if you have to open a can.

Here we go:


2 packs frozen corn tots

3 cans chili

Shredded cheddar (as much as you want)


  1. Bake the tots according to package directions.
  2. Spray a casserole dish with cooking spray.
  3. Spread the tots over the bottom of the dish.
  4. Top with canned chili.
  5. Top with shredded cheddar.
  6. Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes until cheese is melted and casserole is heated through.

This was a really good hot meal on a busy fall night! Enjoy!

Menu Plan Monday 11/6/17


I can’t believe how fast we are closing in on Thanksgiving! I need to start planning for my holiday meals! For now, this is what we’re eating this week:

Monday: Grilled Pork with Green Beans and Bacon

Tuesday: Mexican Pizza

Wednesday: Tomato Soup with sandwiches

Thursday: Garlic Chicken

Friday: Chicken Lime Cilantro Soup

Thanks for stopping by for Menu Plan Monday! Have a great week.

Green Beans and Bacon

beans and bacon

I love vegetables, but my family often gets bored when I cook them the same way every time. So I decided to spruce up our green beans with a little bacon in this super easy and quick recipe!


1 lb. green beans

about 4 slices of bacon

1 clove garlic

salt/pepper to taste

1 tbsp Canola oil


  1. Wash and trim the green beans and chop the bacon into about 1-inch pieces. Dice the garlic.
  2. Heat the Canola oil in a pan, then add the bacon pieces and cook until done, but not crispy.
  3. Add the green beans and garlic and season with the salt and pepper.
  4. Cook for 4-5 minutes, until bacon is crisp and beans are heated through.

Thats it! Super simple and yummy! Thanks for stopping by.